Better sleep

with the sleepsroom™

The added humidity can make the room feel warmer and more comfortable. This can promote relaxation and help you fall asleep faster. When the room isn't too dry, you're less likely to wake up due to discomfort during the night.

Mushroom design

The SleepShroom™ adds a touch of whimsy to your space. Its cute, mushroom-shaped exterior is a delightful addition to any decor, making it an ideal gift for both adults and children.

Modern mushroom-shaped air humidifier emitting a fine mist for improved indoor air quality and comfort.


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Transform your living space into a serene and moisture-rich haven with the SleepShroom™. The SleepShroom™ can significantly improve sleep quality by creating a more comfortable and conducive sleeping environment. Designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, this charming mushroom-shaped humidifier is the perfect addition to any room, bringing peace, tranquility, and improved air quality to your home or office.

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Happy clients :)


My headache is almost gone. I guess air humidifiers do help.

Los Angeles, CA

The colors are nice to have in the evenings.

Los Angeles, CA

It's nice that it's remote controlled. The only thing to remember is that the mushroom needs to be cleaned once in a while.

Los Angeles, CA

Satisfied with this product. The delivery was a bit long but I like the product i got.

Los Angeles, CA

Good product .loved it

Los Angeles, CA


The SleepShroom can be set to 7 different colors including white.

The detachable design ensures easy cleaning and maintenance, so you can keep your humidifier running smoothly with minimal effort.

Sleep and work in peace as this humidifier operates silently, ensuring you're never disturbed. It's perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and shared office spaces.

Adjust the mist output to your preference - choose between no rain, sprinkle, and heavy rain, providing you with the ideal level of humidity for your comfort.